Signature Programs

What Are KGHOME HEALTH Signature Programs?

For families whose loved ones need help with serious health and wellness challenges that they can’t navigate alone, such as returning from the hospital, fall prevention or social isolation. KGHOME Health signature programs offer plans that goes beyond everyday care to safeguard and strengthen the wellbeing of our clients.

KGHOME Health does not just focus on activities of daily living we offer a approach to help the challenges of growing older. By helping our clients with fall prevention, loneliness, and post medical recovery. With the help of our compassionate caregivers, we protect and build our clients wellbeing and independence for a happy and healthier life.

Do you at times worry about your loved one being lonely and you feel that they have stopped doing the things that they love? You have every right to be concerned. Loneliness or social isolation can create the risk of depression, premature aging, dementia and other medical conditions.

Our SAFE KEEPING PROGRAM help with loneliness through companionship and care that helps loved ones gain back interest in their favorite activities. We will work with your loved one to create a custom plan and match them with a caregiver who will be their companion and helper in activities they enjoy. 

A serious fall can be devastating to your independence. Falls can lead to a serious injury, physical decline, depression, fear and social isolation. You or a loved one have concerns about falling at home our SLIP PREVENTION PROGRAM is for you. 

This program is designed to protect older adults from fall risks. Our expert care manager will find where and why you’re most at risk of falling and to help you address those risks. 

Right after a hospital stay it can be difficult and stressful to move around and do daily activities. Our GO HOME SAFE PROGRAM helps with your recovery and aide in recovery to help you regain your independence with one of our trained caregivers to support you. 

Our trained caregivers help you rest and recover as long as you need to regain your independence.